About David Rosmarin, MD

Dr. Rosmarin is a clinical investigator and Vice-Chair for Research and Education at Tufts Medical Center focusing on clinical trials for inflammatory disorders of the skin.  For his training, Dr. Rosmarin went to medical school at NYU, dermatology residency at Boston University-Tufts Combined training program, and fellowship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Dr. Rosmarin joined Tufts Medical Center in 2013 focusing as a clinical trial investigator for atopic dermatitis. In 2016, Dr. Rosmarin became the Director of the Clinical Trials Unit in the Department of Dermatology at Tufts Medical Center and Program Director of the Residency Program.  Notably, Dr. Rosmarin has served as the principle investigator for multiple investigator initiated trials for a topical JAK inhibitor for vitiligo, the use of an oral JAK inhibitor for discoid lupus, and for an anti-IL17 antibody to treat hidradenitis suppuritiva. These studies have resulted in Dr. Rosmarin becoming the PI for a multicentered trial evaluating topical ruxolitinib in vitiligo, which will likely lead to the first ever FDA indication for repigmenting vitiligo. Dr. Rosmarin is the first to use dupilumab for bullous pemphigoid which is now in a phase 3 program for an indication. His work on guselkumab and secukinumab for hidradenitis suppurativa has led to programs for development of an FDA indication as well. Clinically Dr. Rosmarin is nationally recognized and serves as a referral for physicians with difficult to manage inflammatory diseases such as atopic dermatitis. Dr. Rosmarin educates medical students, residents, and research fellows.

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Saturday, June 25
1:00 – 1:30 PM

Topic: New Topical Treatments and the FDA Process