Eric is the co-founder & CEO of MyHealthTeam – a mission-driven company that creates social networks for more than 3 million people facing chronic health conditions.  Eric was diagnosed with vitiligo in the first grade.  A few years ago Eric’s company partnered with the Global Vitiligo Foundation to launch MyVitiligoTeam – a free, password-protected social network for people diagnosed with vitiligo.  Today more than 10,000 people with vitiligo have joined MyVitiligoTeam (including Eric).  Eric lives in San Carlos, CA with his wife and two kids, Jack and Katie.

Eric  is passionate about empowering people facing chronic health conditions. He uses his own product as a member of MyVitiligoTeam and myCOVIDteam. Millions of people now rely on MyHealthTeam’s 42 condition-specific social networks for information, resources and support. Recognized for leading innovation in patient education and activation, Eric is often quoted in publications including FiercePharma, MobiHealthNews and MM+M. He was recognized as a DTC Innovator in 2019 and was named to PM360’s ELITE list in 2018.

He has spoken at conferences such as SXSW, Cannes Lions Health, BIO, SCOPE and Digital Pharma. Eric previously worked closely with patient communities in his role at Perlegen Sciences, focused on understanding the genetic underpinnings of chronic conditions. He is a graduate of Stanford Business School and Harvard College.

In The Schedule

Saturday, June 25
8:40-9:00 AM

Eric will be sharing the results of a recent survey of MyVitiligoTeam members done in partnership with Incyte Pharmaceuticals focusing to better understand desired treatment outcomes for therapies, the impact of vitiligo on our lives, and the doctor-patient relationships.