I am a rising senior living in Santa Clara, California. I am interested in becoming a pediatric dermatologist when I am older, as I am very passionate about both working with kids and dealing with skin diseases/disorders. My hobbies include reading, singing, and playing the violin.

I feel privileged to be leading the kid and teen segment at the WVD 2022. The session will highlight the experiences and challenges faced by children with vitiligo and I eagerly look forward to learning from each one of them. The title of my speech is going to be “My Vitiligo Journey.” In it, I will talk about my journey with vitiligo and the way I’ve adapted to it, as well as how the pandemic has changed the way I view my vitiligo. I am also planning to speak about the ways in which I hope the vitiligo community will grow in the near future.

In The Schedule

Sunday, June 26
9:45 – 10:45 AM

Title: My Vitiligo Journey