About – Tonia Magras

Principal Owner | Division Head | Executive Producer | Film Producer/Director | Editor | Content Manager

Hull Bay Productions

She is a multi-award-winning, producer, director, and editor, who takes pride in being a multi-faceted, and multi-dimensional creator with projects that range from sports, arts, politics, and popular culture.

Tonia has almost 30 years of production experience, which began at PBS’ flagship television station WGBH-TV in Boston and continues with Hull Bay Productions which she and her husband/partner started in January of 2015.

Tonia has been recognized with 7 Emmy Award nominations and 3 Emmy wins for various documentary and production work. Some other highlights of her work include In Our Own Words, a feature on how young people handle the very stresses of growing up differently; The New People, a documentary on how Haitian immigrants began the migration into the working-class city of Somerville, Massachusetts; Whitey Bulger: The Final Chapter, a co-production with Emily Rooney chronicling how the infamous Southie gangster was eventually captured after decades on the run and brought to justice; and A Father’s Story, the grief and newfound purpose a father found after the fatal overdose of his son.

In January 2020, Tonia launched her podcast, The PowerPLAY Show, which has already received 6 awards, including 2 awards of excellence from The Communicator Awards; 3 awards of distinction from The Communicator Awards; and an Honorable Mention from the Webby Awards.

The first film from Hull Bay Productions is titled “100 Years, 100 Voices of Faith”, which chronicled the rise of Cambridge’s Abundant Life Church as they celebrated 100 years of service. Through 100 interviews of members past and present, along with behind-the-scenes footage, the film wove together the stories of how the church impacted lives and faith from the formally known Apostolic Pentecostal Church to the newly named Abundant Life Church – and what the church’s next 100 years plan to offer.

The film premiered in the fall of 2017 and in 2018 was selected to premiere at the prestigious Roxbury International Film Festival.

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